Everyone has their own beauty.

She's not that pretty, she's not handsome like that, she's fat like that, she's thin like that.Why is her skin color like this?Why is her teeth like this?

I can't believe how many people have ever met these words, words that people don't think or think, but still speak, and those words you've been thinking about how people you speak to will feel? Even if you know closely or not, the first thing you should have is manners, don't say or tease the point that he's not like you, because everyone in the world, even if they're identical twins, can't be separated. But they all have different points. Every human is born with something called "always different." Regardless of the gender that you are a woman or a man, you all have the distinct and beautiful differences in yourself, the beauty of your physical appearance is just the same, because even if you don't have it, I think you're beautiful because human beauty is not just outside. Liver, diarrhea, just kidding. I mean, all the ideas that are good, they're beautiful. No matter what shape you have, as long as you have a good idea, that's the true beauty of humanity. But, you know, there are hundreds of millions of human thoughts, we can't stop thinking about ourselves, we can start with a good idea from ourselves. If you're looking for someone, don't just look at his appearance. Well, if someone speaks to you in a bad word, I suggest you answer them and ask them, "I'm not born to satisfy you, I'm satisfied and happy with who I am." "What about you, smiling and enjoying yourself?"

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